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Oliver Jacobsson

Golf Journeys: Meet Oliver Jacobsson

In this new interview post, we are thrilled to introduce our new guest – the one and only Oliver Jacobsson a 26-year-old professional golfer from Sweden, whose lifelong passion for golf has been a driving force since childhood.

Welcome to a new segment of our exciting interview blog series, “Golf Journeys” where we delve into the stories of passionate golfers and their adventures on the greens through a captivating 5-questions interview.

  1. How were you first introduced to golf?

I was born with a golf club in my hands. Both my parents and my older brothers played as professionals. So golf has always been a part of my life.

  1. We know golfers have their unique rituals and superstitions on the course. Do you have any quirky pre-game routines or lucky charms that you swear by?

There are many… haha. Everything gotta be right, how the balls are marked, tee’s and marker in the right pocket, having my special marker I always use even tho I always buy new ones, the course guide in the right back pocket, always a new glove on, clothing has to be on point and my lambda shoes gotta be polished.

  1. At Lambda Golf, we celebrate the love for golf and the joy it brings. Can you share a heartwarming golfing story or a funny golfing moment that happened to you on the course? 

I played a late golf round with my ex’s dad and after 16 holes it was so dark that we could barely see but we had to have a winner so we decided to still play the 17th a very long par 3. We could just see a glimpse of the pin. Have played the hole a few times before so guessed that it was around 210m. Decided to hit a 2 iron and the contact was great but we had no idea where it went. We got up on the green searching for it with the light on our phones. After about 2min we went over to look the hole and there it was. My first hole in one and I didn’t get to see it.

  1. Every golfer has a “dream” golfing destination. If you could play a round of golf anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

My biggest goal is to win the US masters and it’s always been. Just love masters week!

Oliver Jacobsson with our Forli White sneakers
Oliver Jacobsson with our Forli White sneakers
  1. What footwear model from Lambda Golf would you choose for that extraordinary experience?

I would use the Torino Flashy on my final round.

Bonus Question: If you could design a dream pair of golf shoes for yourself, what features would they have? Get creative and let your imagination run wild!

I would love the Torino shoes in white with pink details.

Thank you Oliver!

Instagram: @ollieandtmm

Stay tuned for more captivating interviews with golfers from all walks of life. We can’t wait to share more inspiring stories.

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