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About us

Lambda Golf's 50 year old craftsmanship heritage and passion for Golf resulted in a whole new European classic golf footwear concept and design.

Company History

Lambda Golf is a response to uncompromising classic golf footwear. The follow up result of a European Group of family owned Companies that range from shoe manufacturing industries to health services with a specialized staff exceeding a hundred and fifty employees comprising more than 50 years of footwear manufacturing experience, expertise and knowhow.


Our Golf journey began in 2009

Lambda Golf was established in 2009, in Portugal, Western Europe, with the purpose of creating a global luxury premium quality Golf apparel Brand, comprising innovative breakthrough technologies developed by the technical engineering. These patented Golf Shoes manufacturing construction technologies enabled Lambda Golf to manufacture a whole new type of classic Golf Shoes.

Technology and Inovation

Lambda’s innovative patented technologies have resulted in a handmade in Portugal Classic Golf Shoes with a design and construction that provides golfers with a solid stand, allowing the foot to breathe while remaining flexible, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. Our patented hand-made soles and heel construction used in Lambda golf shoes have a double-layer inlay that ingeniously absorbs heel and sole force reducing impact on knees, hips and back

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