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Golf Journeys: Meet Jordan Borad

Welcome to a new segment of our exciting interview blog series, “Golf Journeys” where we delve into the stories of passionate golfers and their adventures on the greens. Through a captivating 5-questions interview, we aim to celebrate the joy, camaraderie, and inspiration that golf brings to our lives.

In this new interview post, we are thrilled to introduce our new guest – the one and only Jordan Borad, the vintage golf fashion aficionado behind @vintagegolfwear, an Instagram account dedicated to celebrating the players and their fashion choices.

1- Hi Jordan, how were you first introduced to golf?

Like any kid, I’d grab my dad’s clubs and fool around with them in the backyard. My brother and I would play chipping games. Golf was never a sport I gave my full attention to. I grew up playing baseball, hockey, and, basketball. Everything changed when I was 15. My stepmother started taking golf classes in college. I’d join her sometimes and that’s where I caught the golf bug. It’s been a lifetime journey ever since. 

2- We know golfers have their unique rituals and superstitions on the course. Do you have any quirky pre-game routines or lucky charms that you swear by?

I don’t have too many quirky things I do or rituals during a round of golf. That being said, I do enjoy a few cocktails before a round of golf. Some people like to save their drinking until the 19th hole. I’m not out there to break any records, so why not enjoy myself? Salud! 

Jordan Wearing Lambda Golf shoes

3- At Lambda Golf, we celebrate the love for golf and the joy it brings. Can you share a heartwarming golfing story or a funny golfing moment that happened to you on the course? 

I always enjoyed playing golf with my Papoo. He was a great golfer. I learned so many things from him. The way he dressed on the course was impeccable! Razor sharp pleats, cashmere sweaters, and of course great golf shoes. He would have loved a pair of Lambda golf shoes! I still can hear him whisper, “Let the club do the work.” 

4- Every golfer has a “dream” golfing destination. If you could play a round of golf anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

My dream golf destination would be Augusta National Golf Club. I’ve read so many books about Augusta and the Masters Tournament, that I feel it’s a part of me. I was fortunate to go to the Masters in 2005 and it only made the addiction worse.  The only thing missing is letting me hack it around Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts masterpiece. 

5- What footwear model from Lambda Golf would you choose for that extraordinary experience?

Strutting around Augusta National would only be proper in a pair of Lambda Roma Black Diamond golf shoes.

Bonus Question: If you could design a dream pair of golf shoes for yourself, what features would they have? Get creative and let your imagination run wild!

I’m a big Doug Sanders fan, so my dream pair of Lambdas would definitely need some color in them. I’m thinking of a medley of pink and lavender.  With some sort of black lizard sprinkled in. I’m thinking of a “Varenna Pink, Lavender & Black.”

Thank you, Jordan!

Instagram: @vintagegolfwear

Stay tuned for more captivating interviews with golfers from all walks of life. We can’t wait to share more inspiring stories.

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