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Jimmy Tropicana wearing our Livorno white and brown shoes

Golf Journeys: Meet Jimmy from Tropicana Golf Club

Welcome to our exciting new interview blog series, “Golf Journeys” where we delve into the stories of passionate golfers and their adventures on the greens. Through a captivating 5-questions interview, we aim to celebrate the joy, camaraderie, and inspiration that golf brings to our lives.

In this inaugural interview post, we are thrilled to introduce our first guest – the one and only Jimmy Tropicana, the esteemed owner of Tropicana Golf Club.

Jimmy Tropicana wearing our Livorno white and brown
Jimmy Tropicana wearing our Livorno white and brown

1- Hi Jimmy, how were you first introduced to golf?

Golf was on TV in my house when Lee Trevino and Chi Chi were playing. I loved seeing their clothes and the way they interacted. It looked like they were having fun.

2- We know golfers have their unique rituals and superstitions on the course. Do you have any quirky pre-game routines or lucky charms that you swear by?

 I say 11 hail Mary’s and the Lord’s prayer. I immediately take 7 tequila shots and pray for forgiveness.

3- At Lambda Golf, we celebrate the love for golf and the joy it brings. Can you share a heartwarming golfing story or a funny golfing moment that happened to you on the course? 

Just recently my friend Sammy Sosa made his first real birdie on the golf course. I expressed to him, “Great birdie, that’s the hardest hole on the course.” He replied, “Not for me”. We all laughed hysterically.

4- Every golfer has a “dream” golfing destination. If you could play a round of golf anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?

I don’t have a dream destination. I try to enjoy every golf course because no matter where you play golf, you’re still playing golf, and that’s the best thing in the world.

5- What footwear model from Lambda Golf would you choose for that extraordinary experience?

All Lambda Golf shoes are dynamic in their presentation. They’re elegant and when I need to make a statement, I ALWAYS reach for the Lambda’s.

Bonus Question: If you could design a dream pair of golf shoes for yourself, what features would they have?

An all-white shoe, with a crocodile saddle. They might indict me for lookin too good. How youuuu dooooin?

Thank you Jimmy!


Instagram: @mistertropicana or @tropicanagolfclubandbarbershop

Stay tuned for more captivating interviews with golfers from all walks of life. We can’t wait to share more inspiring stories.

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